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"Learn more" mornings


10am until 2pm, and we'll provide lunch.  Check your diary and come and join us on one of the following focussed learning events.  £35 each, click on the picture to book a place.


glaze combinations     Kiln maintenance    Overglaze workshop    Silkscreens   Clay workshop      

June 6th  Glazes

Come and experience the  inspiring combinations of easy to use glazes that are available to be used on bisque you already have and fire to the same 06 temperatures you will be used to.

Work with Crystals, Cascades, Crackles, Elements and many more.  Simple combinations with massive impact.

10am - 2pm  (Lunch Included)


June 7th    Kiln Maintenance

A top to bottom reminder of the ins and outs of your kiln.

Put yourself in a position where you are able to fix your own kiln if and when it ever develops a fault.  Learn how to diagnose a fault, change a part and recommission your kiln.  (All information based around our Hobby Ceramicraft kilns)

10am - 2pm  (Lunch Included)

Date: June 8th  Overglazes

Spend a morning with us learning how to use these unique and quite beautiful products.  Using REAL GOLD with special applicators to finish a piece can add classy sparkle to your work.

Learn how to use, apply, fire and teach within your studio.

10am - 2pm  (Lunch Included)

July 4th  Silkscreens

How to use and how to maximise their use within your studio.

See how simple it is to get reliable and repeatable outlines on your work.. USed as backgrounds, or as the main design itself.  Create fired outlined samples that your customers can use as adult 'colouring in' activities.


10am - 2pm  (Lunch Included)

July 5th  Working with clay

A selection of simple projects using a variety of basics tools.  Developed to help you introduce clay into your 'Pottery Painting' business.  You already have the kiln, the colour, the glaze, why not add Clay?

Guidance also on session  pricing and project ideas.

10am - 2pm  (Lunch Included)


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