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24+ Studio Starter Pack

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A studio standard, the easy to load Morgan kiln is included in this kit.  An impressive 230litre capacity will be able to easily process the output of the busiest of PYOP studios.  Runs on a 50amp electrical supply.  This large kiln can be dismantled into sections and carried through the narrowest of doorways for installation.  Comes with full furniture kit, cable, computer, stand, full operational and ongoing support and warranty.

Studio 1 kiln



stroke and coat colours

Three of each of all of these 25 popular Stroke and Coat colours in 473ml (Pint) bottles.


Bisque Shapes:


24 popular mugs


30 Cafe Latte Mugs


12 Coffee Mugs


6 of each cups and saucers of three different sizes


6 round tumblers


24 cereal bowls


8 shallow cereal bowls


96 popular 20cm wide rimmed side plates


36 rimmed dinner plates


10 rimmed 34cm wide plates


84 popular 20cm coupe plates


12 of 25cm coupe plates


6 Vases 19.5cm tall


Case of 6 assorted 15cm tall vases


Six 13cm tall square vases


Twelve 8cm tall jugs


Six 11.5cm tall country jugs


Six 15cm tall jugs


41 pack of 15cm tiles


81 pack of 10cm tiles


26cm heart dish x 12


16cm heart plate x 12


12 mini heart hangers along with beads and wire hangers


26cm rectangular platter x 6


12 photo frames


Four heart photo frames


6 mushroom money banks


6 train money banks


8 noble knights


6 princesses


12 little cute trolls


8 cute horses


8 cute pigs



6 small T-Rex figures


6 butterfly figures


12 assorted puppies 8cm tall


12 assorted kittens 8cm tall




Firing Accessories:

A set of six Plate Stacking Stilts for firing 20cm side plates.  Six large Plate Stackers for 27cm plates, and twelve 1cm spacers to life the stackers up and make them a little taller so you can stack bowls for example.


 To check glaze firings, a box of 25 of cones 05, 06 and 07.


Firing Stilts:

Stiltstone for removing marks from fired ware.


5 Gallon Bucket of Dipping Glaze  

Viscosity Cup 

Dipping Tongs


Fine Glaze sieve


Sponge dry-footing mat



Unicorns & Princess Cute Dragons 

Pot of Silkscreen Media



6 x Writer Bottles  Banding Wheel 


Pack of 6 Sanding Pads for bisque


Funky Squares rubber mat


Pack of 10 sponges on stick.


Pack of 10 sponges on stick



Pallet Knife 

Clay Carbon Paper 48 sheets

Pack of Table Setting Paper


Pack of 20 sponges






Sumi brush, perfect for banding.



144 pack of economy brushes











25kilo block of Soft Clay for hand/footprintsClay cutting wire



If this pack is delivered to you, it will be packed on a pallet. Our carrier is instructed to deliver to the most accesible point by hand pump truck. The kiln is packed in a crate which you need to a claw hammer or crowbar to open. The kiln stand is included as are all the kiln furniture. The kiln can be dismantled into sections and carried easily through even the narrowest doorway. The kiln requires a 50amp supply to be installed by an electrican, further information on the kiln can be found on this website under kilns.