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Clay clipboard

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Origin: CHINA

23cm tall by 18cm wide by 0.5cm deep.


Clipboard bisque

Make your own permanent blackboard paint by using 3 parts Black Matte glaze and 1 part Black underglaze.

Comes with metal clip to be attached after firing.


Products Used

  • MB-1461 Bisque Clipboard

Decorating Accessories

Miscellaneous Accessories

  • 2" Foam Roller
  • Tape
  • Ruler


454.House String art


  1. Moisten a clean sponge and wipe bisque to remove any dust.
  2. Use the 2" foam roller to apply SC-34 Down to Earth onto the MT-002 Woodgrain Mat.
  3. Press the mat in a horizontal direction to the clipboard. Tape over the stamped edge. Rotate the mat and press onto the clipboard. Press over the tape, but not beyond. This will prevent double stamping.
  4. Tape off 1 1/2" widths on the clipboard in a stripe pattern.
  5. Apply two even coats of SC-83 Tip Taupe to the first, third and fifth stripes.
  6. Remove the tape and use the same brush to apply two even coats of SC-90 Elephant Ears to the remaining sections.
  7. Use tape to create a 1/16" space between the two colours. Apply one coat of SC-34 Down To Earth. This line will make the stripes look like planks of wood.
  8. Let dry completely.
  9. Outline the house and heart shape onto the clipboard with pencil.
  10. Pencil in nail dots on all the corners and 1/2" apart around the house. Pencil in nail dots 1/4" around the heart.
  11. Using the ruler to connect two nail dots, draw a straight line with SG-402 White. Pull the ruler straight up so the colour is undisturbed.  Continue drawing random lines, connecting all the nail dots to fill the house shape.  It will be necessary to stop to let it dry between lines.
  12. Because the heart shape is small a ruler is not necessary. Use SG-403 Red to connect nail dots on the heart. Outline the heart with SG-402 White.
  13. Dab each nail dots with SC-35 Gray Hare. Use SG-402 White to create a circle around the nail dot and a straight line to outline the house.
  14. Use the foam roller to apply SC-15 Tuxedo to the edges of the clipboard.
  15. Dip in Clear Glaze.
  16. Stilt and fire to cone 06.

 To learn how to attach the clip to the clay clipboard, view this video for the simple instructions!