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Big Smile Cat Mug

£29.82 per box of 6Stock Available:  box of 6 = 5
Origin: CHINA

Big smile cat mug measures 12cm tall by 13cm wide.




Smiley Cat Mug


Products Used:



  • MB-1441 Big Smile Cat Mug


  • SC-23 Jack O'Lantern,SC-2 Melon-Choly, SC-86 Old Lace, SC-16 Cotton Tail, SC-97 Cant-elope, FN-52 Tangerine, Clear Glaze, SG-402 White

Decorating Accessories

  • Soft Fan Brush, SC-106 Script, CB-110 Liner


Smiley cat mug


  1. Moisten a clean sponge and wipe bisque to remove any dust making sure not to over saturate the bisque.
  2. Place some FN-52 Tangerine Foundations into a small cup and add a little bit of water to slightly dilute it (about 3 parts glaze to 1 part water). It should be the consistency of coffee cream. Pour this mixture into the vase and roll around to completely coat the interior of the vase. Drain out the excess glaze and keep the vase inverted until it has lost its shine.  Wipe off any glaze from the outside using a damp sponge.  Allow to dry.
  3. Brush SC-2 Melon-Choly to the mouth, wipe back over the teeth, leave the glaze in the detail of the teeth, brush an additional coat to the gums with CB-110 Liner.
  4. Pencil sections of the shape for the fur stripe pattern.
  5. Start at the nose, brush SC-81 Old Lace around the nose onto the muzzle, brush onto the chest, and the light stripes.
  6. Using Soft Fan stipple SC-23 Jack O'Lantern to the dark stripes and into the light stripes, avoid hard edges of colour.  Stipple SC-81 Old Lace into the orange stripes to soften the edges.  Stipple SC-16 Cotton Tail into the SC-81 Old Lace for a highlight. Stipple SC-97 Cant-elope into the orange stripe to vary the colour. 
  7. Do all the stripes with two coats of stippled colour.
  8. Brush the nose with two coats of SC-2 Melon-Choly use CB-106 Script Liner.
  9. Pencil on the whiskers, outline with SG-402 White.  Brush on one coat of Clear Glaze with Soft Fan brush.
  10. Fire  to shelf cone 06