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Hand Sanitiser 5 Litre

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5 Litre bottle of Ready to use alchol solution for hygenic hand disinfection.

Conforms to EN 14476:2007-02: Influenza A Virus H1N1: undiluted 15 seconds - noroviruses undiluted 15 seconds.  Tested by RKI and DVV: Rotaviruses undiluted 30 seconds - Adenovirus undiluted 30 seconds - Hepatitus B and Polio undiluted 1 minute - Vacciniavirus undiluted 30 seconds.  Hygenic hand disinfection according to VAH/DGHM/OGHMP: undiluted 30 seconds.  Dermatologist - tested with high performance.  Keep container closed at room temperature. 


For commercial use only.


For collection or shipping on a pallet.  Not to be sent with parcel/courier.