Product Discovery Crystal Glazes

Thursday - 8th April - 2pm        PAINTALONG SOLD OUT - Watching access still available


Join us via Zoom for a guided workshop showcasing the many uses of Crystal Glazes.


We (Katie & Jane) will demonstrate how to use the Crystal glazes either on their own or in combination with other glazes to create colourful and repeatable finishes. 




You can buy the kit from us to complete the project, and we will post you the bisque, patterns and paints required. 

We will also provide two blank tiles for you to use as painted samples of the glaze for display in your studio.



Also included will be downloads of all the literature required to do the chosen project.



or you can use bisque and paints you may already have in your studio,


or simply just switch on, relax, watch and learn.


YOU can then teach this technique to YOUR customers by hosting an online event yourself.


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