Pottery Painting Business Starter Kits

Mobile Pottery Painting business SERIOUS kit

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Price excluding VAT, includes delivery to Zone1 mainland UK

1 x Studio 1 Kiln with furniture
3 x Large Plate Stackers
3 x Small plate Stackers
9 x spacers
Pack of witness cones for Cone06 firing
25 popular Mayco Stroke & Coat colours 59ml (2oz) Normally SC2, SC3, SC6, SC8, SC10, SC11, SC12, SC14, SC15, SC16, SC18, SC20, SC24, SC25, SC26, SC27, SC28, SC33, SC35, SC70, SC74, SC75, SC85, SC86, SC87
12pcs x HBT3706 Rimmed Plates 27cm
12pcs x HBT8009Rimmed Plates 20cm
24 pcs x HBT8082 Standard Mugs
1 x 5 gallon Unleaded Clear Dipping Glaze
1 x Viscosity Testing Cup
1 x Dipping Tongs
6 x Round Brushes (RB118 x 2, RB116 x 2, RB104 x 2)
1 x Glaze Brush RB140
1 x Round Sponge BT910
1 x Pallet Knife BT903
1 x pack Clay Carbon

If this pack is delivered to you, it will be packed on a pallet. Our carrier is instructed to deliver to the most accesible point by hand pump truck. The kiln is packed in a crate which you need to a claw hammer or crowbar to open. The kiln stand is flat packed in one of the uprights of the crate. The kiln has handle on each side and is a two person lift. The kiln requires 30amp supply to be installed by an electrican, further information on the kiln can be found on this website under kilns.