Pottery Painting Business Starter Kits

Pottery Painting Studio kit 12 seats

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Price excluding VAT, includes delivery to Zone1 mainland UK

1 x Fireluxe Kiln with furniture kit
Selection of 18 stilts plus stilt stone, 25 sets of witness cones for Cone 06 firings
2 x Large Plate Stackers, 4 x Small plate stackers, 12 x spacers

3 each of 18 popular 59ml Mayco Stroke & Coat Colours (SC2, SC3, SC6, SC8, SC10, SC14, SC15, SC16, SC18, SC20, SC24, SC27, SC33, SC35, SC70, SC74, SC75, SC76) and 6 x pint size to refill most popular (SC6, SC18, SC33, SC74, SC75, SC76), Designer Liners Black and Blue.

Selection of bisque: 26 Bowls, 72 Rimmed Plates, 12 Coupe Plates, 48 Mugs/Beakers, 12 Milk Jug, 18 Vases, 6 Piggy Banks, 48 Tiles (10cm & 15cm), 30 Hanging Ornaments, 12 medium heart dish, 24 novelty Frog & Butterfly dish, 6 cupcake box

1 x 5 gallon Unleaded Clear Dipping Glaze, 1 x Viscosity Testing Cup, 1 x Dipping Tongs, Glazing fan brush
Good Selection of brushes(32), 1 writer bottle, Banding wheel with arm rest and large sumi brush
1 x Round Sponge, 1 x Pallet Knife, 2 x pack Clay Carbon, 2x sanding pads
12.5g block of White earthenware Clay
10 of each of the 4 packing boxes

If this pack is delivered to you, it will be packed on a pallet. Our carrier is instructed to deliver to the most accesible point by hand pump truck. The kiln is packed in a crate which you need to a claw hammer or crowbar to open. The kiln stand is flat packed in one of the uprights of the crate. The kiln has handle on each side and is a two person lift. The kiln requires 30amp supply to be installed by an electrican, further information on the kiln can be found on this website under kilns.