Tea for One Teapot

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Origin: CHINA

For whenever it's tea time and you're the only one here.  This Tea for One set is perfect for making a single cup of tea on that cold winter day. 


14cm wide by 14cm tall.


With a large decorating surface area Teapots make super project pieces.  Decorate then glaze completely and fire to create a food safe item.


Take time to remove any dust from inside the piece before glazing, ensuring no areas will go unglazed.


White earthenware teapots are not as durable as higher temperature clay items, such as stoneware and porcelain.  If you want to create a long lasting, usable teapot which can be used daily, then we would suggest choosing a teapot made from a clay which vitrifies at a higher temperature such as stoneware.  


It's simply a case of the physics workng against you with earthenware.  Even with what may be thought as a perfect application of  glaze on an earthenware piece, there will always be a place on the item which will let moisture enter the porous body, usually on the dryfoot or through holes in the glaze made by firing stilts.  This moisture can accumulate in the piece and if boiling water is poured onto it, you can create a stress, forcing the surface which is hot to expand, yet the cooler, damp body will resist.  This results in a stress which can crack the glaze and in time let in more moisture, or in extreme cases, crack the piece.


If you have an earthenware teapot which you want to hold boiling water in, then warming the pot up first is very essential to reduce the likelihood of the stress explained above. 


If a piece has been intricately decorated you may want to use as a display piece rather than stressing with continued boiling hot water.


White earthenware bisque designed to be glaze fired at Cone 06 (1000C).