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Run your own business in ceramics

Pottery Painting Business Starter Kits


Clay Prints small business kit

Run your own pottery based business with this Starter Kit for clay prints business.  Including a kiln.

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Clay Prints medium business kit

All you need to begin a small business producing your own babyprint, clayprint business.  Includes a small 13amp easy to use kiln, clay and other ceramic colours.

£834.58More »

Clay Prints large business kit

All you will need including a kiln, clay and various ceramic paints, to begin a business producing fired clayprints.  Taking baby prints in clay, then firing in a kiln and finishing with ceramic products.

£1,627.42More »

Paint Hand & Footprint business

Run your own small business taking baby hand and footprints with paint onto ceramic bisque.  Glaze and fire in a small kiln to make a long term precious memory for years to come.

£1,893.42More »

Childrens Party business kit

Including a 13amp small kiln, all you would need to begin a small pottery painting business running childrens parties with ceramic bisque, colours, clear glaze and the all important, easy to use kiln.

£1,668.64More »

Signature Plates business

Produce bespoke signature plates for special occasions.  Using some simple to use non-toxic ceramic colours, clear glaze and a fabulous, easy to use kiln that will run on a 13amp plug.

£1,678.16More »

Plaster Outprints business kit

Run your own business producing plaster outprints taken from babies, children and even pets.

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Mobile Pottery Painting business small kit

Run your own mobile ceramics pottery painting business, using an easy to use kiln which runs off a 13amp electric supply and an assortment of non-toxic colours.

£1,829.48More »

Mobile Pottery Painting business kit medium

All you need to begin a new mobile business in pottery painting.  Simple to us kiln and a range of popular bisque, clear glaze and some vibrant non-toxic colours.

£1,762.11More »

Mobile Pottery Painting business SERIOUS kit

A starter kit for people starting your own mobile pottery painting business.  Contains an easy to use popular 30amp kiln, a range of popular bisque shapes, colours, glaze and essential tools.

£2,076.90More »

Pottery Painting Studio kit 12 seats

A range of colours, some popular bisque shapes, clear glaze, an easy to operate advanced kiln and enough assorted accessories to get started in a small pottery painting studio.

£2,462.78More »

Pottery Painting Studio kit 12-24 seats

Including a fabulously popluar, easy to use Studio 1 kiln, a range of assorted bisque shapes, some colours, clear glaze and assorted accessories.  All you would need to start a Pottery painting studio which would accommodate 12-24 people.

£2,975.11More »

Pottery Painting Studio kit 24+ seats

An easy to operate larger Morgan electric kiln with a selection of popular ceramic bisque shapes, some colours, clear glaze, tools and accessories to stock your new pottery painting business.

£5,123.24More »

Containing super selections of the finest products, to get your new Business or Hobby off to a flying start!
If you can't find a kit that suits you, get in touch and we'll be delighted to help you build your own!