Wholesale Ceramic Studio Supplier.

Hobby Ceramicraft

We process orders on Mondays through Thursdays and spend Fridays with limited staff, catching up with back-room stuff. 

Hobby Ceramicraft is the UK's leading provider of White Earthenware Bisqueware, carefully sourced from manufacturers all over the planet.  QUALITY is our priority.  Bisque producers, wholesalers and even manufacturers are easy to find, but finding the ones who understand the composition requirements as well as the design and finish for our industry is not.  We work closely with a select group of manufacturers, regularly checking composition, developing shapes based on current trends and ordering in substantial quantites to get you the best possible wholesale prices.

The glazes we sell are simply the finest available to this unique marketplace.  Mayco and Colorobbia work on the cutting edge of what is possible, using the latest materials and developments in the ceramic industry.  All the glaze products we sell, we also use extensively ourselves.  Each one chosen to be consistent with the highest degree of success possible, easy to use, giving the general public the best route to ceramic success.

Kilns and Accessories

Ceramics is not possible without a kiln, and you are likely to keep the first one you buy for the whole life of your business...  so get one you can rely on!  The kilns we sell are manufactured for us to the highest specification and since the 80's have been a staple in ceramic studios all over the UK.  Reliable, sturdy, efficient, there is a good chance the kiln supporting your local studio is a Hobby Ceramicraft kiln.

Pottery Courses

We are here to help.  We have a lifetime of experience in this wonderful, creative industry and are eager to share it with you, whether you are looking to improve your knowledge of the latest developments in ceramics or looking to begin your own Contemporary Ceramics outlet, Ceramic or Clay cafe, mobile or static, we offer a range of training and useful start-up guidance.  Get in touch and let us help you today!