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* Kit price will vary on individual item availibilty and quantities of each you choose.

Orange Ya Happy

SC050-8 £11.03 each

Cotton Tail

SC016-8 £11.03 each


SC015-8 £11.03 each

Brown Cow

SC041-8 £11.03 each

Just Froggy

SC008-8 £11.03 each


SC024-8 £11.03 each


SC006-8 £11.03 each

Cara-bein Blue

SC076-8 £11.03 each

Grape Jelly

SC072-8 £11.03 eachTemporarily out of stock.

Hot Tamale

SC074-8 £11.03 each

Thorn Stilt Triangular 3.5cm (between pins)

HC049 £0.66 eachTemporarily out of stock.

Thorn Stilt Triangular 5.5cm (between pins)

HC048 £0.98 each

Thorn Stilt Triangular 7cm (between pins)

HC047 £1.03 eachTemporarily out of stock.

Thorn Stilt Triangular 10cm (between pins)

HC046 £1.36 each

20cm Coupe. LA1004

LA0211 £38.99 each

25cm Coupe plate

LA0212 £43.66 each

Clear Dipping Glaze 3

HC3G004D £75.84 each

Viscosity Cup

VC7000 £9.95 each

Dipping Tongs

MHC0867 £11.48 each

Detail writer (pack of 3)

AC219-P £6.65 each

Bisque Sanding Pad

TRUCP £2.02 each

Clay Carbon

CLC1 £1.80 each

Round Yellow Synthetic Sponge

BT910 £0.93 each

Glaze Dryfooting Mat

HC252 £32.10 each

Rohde Ecotop 43

ROHDEECOTOP43 £2,391.43 each

Sour Apple

SC027-8 £11.03 each

Rosey Posey

SC018-8 £11.03 each

A super selection to get you started in pottery painting, with a remarkable small kiln that will run off a standard 13amp UK electrical supply.

Includes a 13amp, plug in and go, Kiln:


These Stroke and Coat colours in 236ml (8 ounce) bottles:



Firing Stilts:

To stand glazed ware on during firing.



Boxes of 12 popular plates 20cm coupe and rimmed.

Boxes of 12 popular plates 25cm coupe and rimmed.



3 Gallon Bucket of Dipping Glaze  

Viscosity Cup 

Dipping Tongs



3 x Writer Bottles    Sanding Pad for bisque   Clay Carbon Paper 12 sheets   Round sponge x 2  Glaze Dryfooting Mat