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Pottery Painting Business Starter Kits

Hobby Starter Pack

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All you need to get started in pottery painting, with a small kiln that will run off a standard 13amp UK electrical supply.

Includes a 13amp, plug in and go, FireGoblin Kiln:


These Stroke and Coat colours in small 59ml bottles:



Firing Accessories:

Three plate stacker stilts for side plates and three 1cm spacers to make stackers taller.


Witness Cones

 To check glaze firings, a box of 25 of cones 05, 06 and 07.


Firing Stilts:

To stand glazed ware on during firing.

Stiltstone for removing stilt marks after firing x1



Box of 6 Cup & Saucer  

Box of 8 cereal bowl 

Box of 12 side plates 20cm

Box of 12 rimmed plates 27cm 

Box of 2 vases 19.5cm tall.




Unicorns & Princess Cute Dragons 

Pot of Silkscreen Media



3 Gallon Bucket of Dipping Glaze  

Viscosity Cup 

Dipping Tongs



3 x Writer Bottles  Banding Wheel  Sanding Pad for bisque Funky Squares rubber mat Pallet Knife  Clay Carbon Paper 12 sheets  Pack of Table Setting Paper Round sponge x 2



25kilo block of Soft Clay for hand/footprintsClay cutting wire