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* Kit price will vary on individual item availibilty and quantities of each you choose.

Rohde Ecotop 60L

ROHDEECOTOP60 £2,658.43 each

Pottery tool kit 13pcs

FC55 £31.62 each

White Earthenware Clay 25kg

TFF1505 £18.27 each

Clay bag ties

X10076 £3.95 eachTemporarily out of stock.

Kit 1

SCKIT1 £40.89 each

Clear Dipping Glaze 3

HC3G004D £75.84 each

Viscosity Cup

VC7000 £9.95 each

Dipping Tongs

MHC0867 £11.48 each

Soft Glaze Fan Brush

RB140 £10.68 each

Shimpo W3TBL Whisper T Potters Throwing Wheel

7004-W3TBL £1,103.00 each

Potter's Wheel:

Shimpo, easy to operate, quiet, strong and reliable electric Potter's Wheel with adjustable speed foot pedal.



Run from a 13amp standard plug.  Largest chamber available for a 13amp kiln, 60 litre, fully computer controlled and wifi enabled to monitor via smartphone.  Comes with shelves, props, stand and long 3 year warranty.  Maximum temperature limited to firing earthenware.




25 kilo block of white earthenware clay.

Pair of Clay Bag ties to prevent clay drying out.


These Stroke and Coat colours in small 59ml bottles:


Transparent Glaze:

3 Gallon Bucket of Dipping Clear Glaze  

Viscosity Cup (for testing glaze)

Dipping Tongs