Potter Starter Pack

Kit Price: £

* Kit price will vary on individual item availibilty and quantities of each you choose.

Pottery tool kit 13pcs

FC55 £31.62 each

White Earthenware Clay 25kg

TFF1505-1 £18.46 each

Clear Dipping Glaze 3

HC3G004D £74.49 each

Viscosity Cup

VC7000 £9.95 each

Dipping Tongs

MHC0867 £11.48 each

Soft Glaze Fan Brush

RB140 £10.68 each

Whisper T

Z-P-2563 £1,103.00 each

Kit 1

SCKIT1 £40.89 eachTemporarily out of stock.

Rohde Ecotop 43

ROHDEECO43 £2,601.00 each

Premium Stoneware Clay

151-1125 £13.19 each

2023 Kit of Stoneware Glazes

SWKIT2023 £28.12 each