Lockdown Rainbow Mural

Together, we painted the Rainbow..


Ceramic Studios across the UK have joined together to create this beautiful communal artwork as a testimonial to the events of 2020.  


Each tile has been decorated with a design with individual relevance to each Studio.  The only requirement was for the majority of the colour of the tile to comply with the given design.  A Rainbow.  A symbol of hope for better times and reflective of the colours used in creative Ceramic Art Studios across the country. 


357 miniature artworks, joined together to createone powerful and inspiring Masterpiece.


This will be installed on our wall outside our Teaching Studio in Grazeley, ready for you to view when we are next together again.

Click here to download a high definition image of the Mural if you want to print a copy.



Want to see some of the finished tiles closeup?  Click below:

or take a look at a video slideshow here: