New Pots

Lockdown Rainbow Mural

Be part of something beautiful..


Click here for a clean view of the grid without allocations:


Want to see some finished samples?  Click below:


All 357 tiles in this mural have now been allocated by wonderful Ceramic Studio Owners across the UK.


If were lucky enough to get a tile, we thank you for taking the time to be creative for us and be part of this project.  Please decoarte your heart out using the suggested colours shown below, glaze it, fire it and return it to us.  (No need to glaze the back)


This communal artwork is a testimonial to the events of 2020.  When complete, this will be installed on our wall outside our Teaching Studio in Grazeley, ready for you to view when we are next together again.



How it works:

  • You paint it using the suggested colours below.  You do not have to use the Mayco brand - we are only suggesting this as a starting point to get as many of your tiles to coordinate.  If you do not use Mayco, just colour match as close as possible to whatever you have.
  • Be as amazing and creative as you can!  Use the colour/s of the tile as a guide, embellish however you like.  Instead of blocking in the colours, use the corresponding colour for the tile and paint something in that colour.  For example, if you get a square that is all yellow you could paint a large Lemon, or bunch of bananas, or Pikachu! .. your choice!!  If you get a square with two colours, please divide the tile and paint items in the corresponding colours, so for example on a Red and Orange square you could paint part red roses, part dandelions!  Be as creative as you can!
  • Glaze it and fire to a cone 06.
  • Post it back to us.