Small Studio Starter Kit

Kit Price: £

* Kit price will vary on individual item availibilty and quantities of each you choose.

Rohde TE100MCC+

ROHDETE100MCC+ £3,251.69 each

Round 48cm x 16mm

C-19R £37.25 each

Kiln Prop 2"

HC195 £1.85 each

Kiln Prop 1"

HC194 £1.60 eachTemporarily out of stock.

Kiln Prop 3"

HC196 £2.38 eachTemporarily out of stock.

Kiln Prop 4"

HC197 £3.00 each

Cotton Tail

SC016-8 £11.03 each

Cashew Later

SC020-8 £11.03 each


SC006-8 £11.03 each


SC024-8 £11.03 each

Orange -A- Peel

SC075-8 £11.03 each

Hot Tamale

SC074-8 £11.03 each

Wine About It

SC003-8 £11.03 each

Fruit of the Vine

SC033-8 £11.03 each

My Blue Heaven

SC045-8 £11.03 each

Blue Yonder

SC011-8 £11.03 each

Cara-bein Blue

SC076-8 £11.03 each


SC025-8 £11.03 each

Java Bean

SC014-8 £11.03 each

Sour Apple

SC027-8 £11.03 each

Green Thumb

SC026-8 £11.03 each

Just Froggy

SC008-8 £11.03 each

Gray Hare

SC035-8 £11.03 each


SC015-8 £11.03 each

20cm Rimmed plate

LA0703 £40.54 each

20cm Coupe. LA1004

LA0211 £37.85 eachTemporarily out of stock.

25cm Rimmed

LA0702 £46.45 each

25cm Coupe plate

LA0212 £42.40 each

Great Shapes Vases (3 designs) 15cm Tall

MB0885 £20.77 eachTemporarily out of stock.

Square Tile 10.2cm

MHE021 £108.82 eachTemporarily out of stock.

20cm Heart Plate

PB172 £16.75 eachTemporarily out of stock.

Heart Message Frame

BI1821 £25.19 each

Thorn Stilt Triangular 3.5cm (between pins)

HC049 £0.66 eachTemporarily out of stock.

Thorn Stilt Triangular 5.5cm (between pins)

HC048 £0.98 eachTemporarily out of stock.

Thorn Stilt Triangular 7cm (between pins)

HC047 £1.03 eachTemporarily out of stock.

Thorn Stilt Triangular 10cm (between pins)

HC046 £1.36 eachTemporarily out of stock.

Liquid Kiln Wash Pint 473ml

AC001 £10.38 each

Clear Dipping Glaze 5

HC5G004D (For pallet delivery or collection only) £115.44 each

Viscosity Cup

VC7000 £9.95 each

Dipping Tongs

MHC0867 £11.48 each

Glaze Dryfooting Mat

HC252 £31.05 each

Detail writer (pack of 3)

AC219-P £6.65 each

Clay Carbon

CLC1 £1.80 each

Table Setting Paper

HC175 £11.45 each

Round Sponge x 10

FP65 £9.50 each

Soft Glaze Fan Brush

RB140 £10.68 each

Economy super set

F392CA £55.10 each

Soft White earthenware clay 25kilos

TFF1505-3 £18.46 each

Clay cutter deluxe

FC5053 £5.10 each


SC070-8 £11.03 each

Rosey Posey

SC018-8 £11.03 each

A comprehensive starter pack for a new studio planning to operate a studio accommodating around 12 seats.

All of the contents of this pack can be altered to suit your own tastes/requirements.  If you want to make adjustments please contact us.



A top of the range, easy to use, reliable Studio sized 100 litre Rohde kiln.  Runs on a 30amp electrical supply.  Comes with full furniture kit, wifi enabled computer, stand, full operational and ongoing support with 3 year warranty.

Rohde 100 litre



stroke and coat colours

All of these 20 popular Stroke and Coat colours in 236ml (8oz) bottles.


Bisque Shapes:


48 coupe and 48 rimmed plates measuring 20cm.

24 coupe and 24 rimmed plates measuring 25cm.


Case of 6 assorted 15cm tall vases


81 pack of 10cm tiles


20cm heart plate x 6


Four heart photo frames


Firing Stilts:



5 Gallon Bucket of Dipping Glaze  


Viscosity Cup 


Dipping Tongs


Sponge dry-footing mat




3 x Writer Bottles  


2 Sanding Pads for bisque




Clay Carbon Paper 12 sheets

Pack of Table Setting Paper


Pack of 10 sponges







144 Brush assortment



25kilo block of Soft Clay for hand/footprintsClay cutting wire



If this pack is delivered to you, it will be packed on a pallet. Our carrier is instructed to deliver to the most accesible point by hand pump truck. The kiln is packed in a crate which you need to a claw hammer or crowbar to open. The kiln stand is flat packed in one of the uprights of the crate. The kiln has handle on each side and is a two person lift. The kiln requires 30amp supply to be installed by an electrican, further information on the kiln can be found on this website under kilns.