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Arc Carving Metal Rib

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You can now easily carve arcs and circles — again and again — with this innovative tool from our research and design team! 

Our uniquely designed Arc Carving Metal Rib is the ultimate tool for creating symmetrical arcs on rounded surfaces with DiamondCore’s clay carvers. Once you use this stencil rib, you’ll wonder how you carved intricate, curved patterns without it!


  • Stainless steel, metal rib with curved cutouts
  • 10 cm width by 9.4 cm height (~4 by 3.7 inches)
  • Flexible, 0.006-inch thickness
  • Five wide, equidistant, expanding arc edges
  • Equidistant, expanding marking holes on metal arcs
  • Three centering circles on the tool’s sternum
  • Thumb indent and DiamondCore Tools logo at the top of the tool


  • The flexible rib can bend to lie flat on curved, 3D surfaces
  • Marking holes help you layout a design before carving
  • Centering circles to envision a complete circle, align curves
  • Create and replicate near-infinite patterns from the tool’s features
  • Thumb indent helps keep the tool in place in your hand


  • Use metal arc edges with care
  • Observe all safety precautions
  • Keep out of the reach of children