Wall balloon for pottery apinting

Stoneware Salamander 800ml

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  • Satin-glossy, black-based stoneware glaze with fine, mustard-yellow precipitations arranged in rings
  • Apply 2 – 3 coats (3 coats, when firing at 1250°C, 2 coats at 1280°C!)
  • Firing range: 1220 – 1280°C, 30 min soak, most beautiful from 1250°C on
  • 1250°C: salamander effect if 3 coats a applied, see picture in catalogue
  • 1280°C: silk-matt black with very nice orange-brownish precipitations, apply 2 coats only, running effects when applied locally as a thicker coat, see picture in catalogue


  • satin-glossy
  • tends to run
  • consistent in firing range 1220°-1280°C