Kilnvent System

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Origin: USA

Exhaust the gases & fumes from your kiln during firing and replace with clean fresh air. Benefits you, your kiln and your wares. The Orton downdraft kilnvent has become the tool of choice for venting electric kilns. Gases are pulled out of the kiln near the bottom and then mixed with ambient air and exhausted to the outside through a duct. Ventilation dring firing is important. All products fired in electric kilns contain organic materials that produce carbon monoxide and other corrosive fumes when burned. The can affect the life of the metallic elements of your kiln as well as the colour and properties of the fired product if they are removed early in the firing. Firing times are essentially the same with a Kilnvent. Improved air flow in the kiln results in more uniform temperatures, reducing hot & cold spots. Cooling time of the kiln can also be greatly reduced. As simple to install as a vent on a tumble dryer - will fit all sizes of kiln.


Instruction manual for the kiln vent can be downloaded here.