Pottery Camp 2024





Join us this Spring for our next Pottery Camp in May, take your pick from the dates above...


This May, we have worked hard to construct an event built around several simple, re-teachable projects for you to take back to your studios.  Let Rachel and Stef inspire you with their carefully chosen classes, including:

Successful Freehand Brushstrokes for everyone.



Easy to make 'Teachers Gifts' ideas.


Polished underglazes.


Easy to make Clay Poppies and other flowers


... and other projects too..



Take a look at the shennagins from last May's Pottery Camp!


Ceramic Studio Owner?

     Need a break?

          Want some Inspiration & ideas & laughs with liked minded Studio Owners..?  ..


Solution = Join us once this Spring for a two day 'CeramaFest', filled with ceramic decorating ideas and tips in our relaxed studio.


Spaces in the studio are limited, so please book soon to guarantee your place.


This is a two day event, being run on Monday - Tuesday  20th and 21st May






Starting at 9:30am each day and running to 4:30pm (ish!)  Lunch will be provided.


Hosted at our place, close to Reading, in our superb air conditioned, comfy Studio.  Open to all Ceramic Studio Owners, both mobile and Static.

Book Pottery Camp here


Several inspirational techniques have been developed using products you may be familiar with, and some you may not. Simple techniques which we hope will inspire you to either use a new product or glaze or perhaps try a new idea with products you may already have.


Includes lunch and all project materials (except brushes). 


For help with accommodation, take a look at Wokefield Park or check the Premier Inn, in Grazeley.



What is a 'Pottery Camp'?

A Pottery Camp is a fun, informative and informal event hosted at our Property on the outskirts of Reading.  An event which has been developed for the benefit of the Contemporary Ceramic Studio Owners, be that Mobile or Static, ceramic artists and enthusiasts seeking inspiration.
Several carefully developed techniques will be taught at this event. Each demonstrating either a new product, or a new idea or trend which you can reproduce in your own way or pass on to your own customers. Every project has the public firmly in mind. The goal being to help your customers produce beautiful ceramic masterpieces which will hopefully inspire them and others to return to your studio.


Marketing ideas compliment the techniques, with suggestions and advice on how to take these projects away and turn them into profitable, fun events of your own.

There are two major benefits to attending, first the dynamic, funky projects using the latest products available,.. secondly, and never to be underestimated,.. the Priceless interaction you will have with so many other likeminded business owners within a relaxed forum, who will be eager to hear your opinions and hopefully send you away with a head full of new ideas which will benefit your business.


Get Inspired!
Exchange ideas and experiences in a relaxed and informal atmosphere with likeminded studio owners from all over the UK & beyond.
There will be plenty of opportunities to meet old, and make new friends at this event.