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Viscosity Cup

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Origin: UK

Plastic viscosity cup with a precise metal 4mm hole in the bottom. 


viscosity cup for glaze


Submerge cup in clear glaze then begin timing as you remove from the glaze.  Stop timing when the flow breaks; when the stream of glaze begins to drip.  This will give you a guide to set your glaze viscosity to. 


Different users prefer their glaze at different consistencies, however, as a guide we would suggest on our 004d dipping glaze, have the cup empty in anything between 19 seconds to 26 seconds is ideal.


If glaze too thick, (too slow to empty), then add water.  We use standard tap water, however some users prefer sterilised water, (ask us for more details).  If glaze is too thin, (too quick to empty) then you have added too much water, so leave it and wait, wait, wait for the glaze and water to separate (several days at least) then remove the water from the top of the glaze, mix and retest.