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PYOP Studio owners Zoom chat

If you are a PYOP studio owner, mobile or static, and are full of ideas and insipiration and want to share your experiences, or perhaps you are confused and concerned about the future and are looking for some insight and guidance, please logon to zoom and join a friendly band of likeminded small business entrepreneurs for a chat each Thursday afternoon at 4pm.

Over the past few weeks we have heard from many different studios who cover the spectrum from 'looking to do nothing for a while' until further resrictions are lifted, to studios actually doing the same amount of business selling paint at home kits as they were before lockdown.  Wherever you fit in, join us and listen, share, learn, guide and often insipire other studios with your experiences and ideas.

If you want to get the login details, simply drop Matt an email with your name and 'studio name' to -