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Advancer Triangular Plate Stacker

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Origin: INDIA

Triangular plate stacker Advancer shelf for firing as many plates in a kiln space as possible.  Will accommodate a plate up to 13.5 inches diameter.

Prop apart with your standard kiln props.

Lighter, stronger and more versatile than any other shelf.
Save kiln space. Save energy. Save money.

Imitated but never equaled, ADVANCER® kiln shelves are thin, lightweight kiln shelves made from an advanced fine grained, nitride-bonded silicon carbide composition. ADVANCER kiln shelves are 19 times stronger, and weigh 50% less than conventional silicon carbide shelves or 1” thick cordierite shelves.

ADVANCER is the only silicon carbide kiln shelf tested and recommended for use in resistance coil element kilns.

advancer triangular plate stacker

Made flat to stay flat so there’s no warping even after many firings under heavy loads. Advanced nitride-bonded silicon carbide (NSiC) is distinguished from conventional nitride-bonded silicon carbide in that it is significantly stronger, thinner and much more resistant to oxidation; suitable for temperatures up to 2600°F!

Part of our exclusive LO-MASS® product line. Low mass and high thermal conductivity result in shorter firing cycles helping potters to save energy, improve productivity and reduce overall firing costs. Also, at only 5/16” thick, for every 5 layers of shelves you save 3-3/8” of stacking height compared to conventional 1″ shelves. That can add another shelf layer for every firing!