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Diamondcore Bird of Paradise multi tool

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The Bird of Paradise Pottery Multi-Tool is an all-in-one pottery multi-tool that has been cultivated specifically to both simplify and enhance the work of ceramic artists. Its slim and stylish design includes all of the following:

    Pottery Knife
    Needle Tool
    Scoring Tool
    Precision Blade
    Cutting Guide
    #1 Phillips Screwdriver

Whether you’re hand-building or wheel-throwing — you’ll have all these studio essentials in one convenient place!

Laser-engraving personalization makes our pottery multi-tool a great gift for the ceramic artist in your life or a practical treat for yourself.


    Unique pottery multi-tool combining 7 essential ceramics tools in one place
    12 mm (4.75 inch) hardwood handle with internal, stainless steel frame
    Extendable, stainless steel pottery knife (45 mm; 1.7 in.)
    Extendable, stainless steel needle tool (40 mm; 1.5 in.)
    Extendable, five-prong, stainless steel scoring tool (17 mm; 0.6 in.)
    Extendable, stainless steel precision blade (17 mm; 0.6 in.)
    Notch guides for 30-, 45-, 60- and 90-degree angled cuts
    Extendable, stainless steel, quarter-inch mini-wrench and cutting guide (35 mm; 1.4 in.)
    Extendable, #1 Phillips screwdriver (25 mm; 1 in.)
    Adjustable thumb screw to position wrench and precision blade
    Wood grain may vary



    Pottery knife: Easily cut leather-hard clay
    Needle tool: Slice an even top on a wheel-thrown vessel; poke holes in leather hard forms
    Scoring tool: Scratch clay surfaces to connect them with a more secure bond
    Precision blade: Good for small detail cutting; trim edges at precise angles
    Thumb screw: Adjustable position of wrench and precision blade
    Cutting guide/mini-wrench: Helps guide you to cut straight and/or angled edges; creates equal spacing for offset cuts
    Phillips screwdriver: Fits screw on all DiamondCore P, FP, R, T and X tools
    Mini-wrench: Fits nuts on all DiamondCore P, FP, and X tools
    Replacement blades available