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Diamondcore Mini Wrench Screwdriver

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The Mini-Wrench Screwdriver is your go-to tool for adjusting DiamondCore tools and other pottery equipment. It features a fold-out #1 Phillips Screwdriver tip for tightening screws, which conveniently tucks back into the hardwood handle to save space.

Additionally, the ¼ inch wrench is perfect for tightening nuts on our carving, fine-point, and fluting tools. You can easily set your preferred angle by adjusting the thumb screw.

A 13.5 cm (5.5 in.) nylon lanyard/wristlet keeps this tool even closer if needed.

Laser-engraving personalization makes our Mini-Wrench Screwdriver a great gift for the ceramic artist in your life or a practical treat for yourself.


    Extendable, #1 Phillips screwdriver (25 mm; 1 in.)
    Adjustable angle ¼ in. mini-wrench
    Attached to 85 mm (3.1 in.) hardwood handle
    Adjustable thumb screw
    Black nylon lanyard/wristlet
    Wood grain may vary


    Tighten the hardware on pottery tools as they become loose with use
    Loosen hardware to adjust the angle of a carving blade, then tighten again
    Mini-wrench fits bolts on all DiamondCore P, FP, R, T, and X tools
    Phillips screwdriver fits nuts on all DiamondCore P, FP, and X tools
    Thumb screw allows for positioning wrench and screwdriver in many positions
    Lanyard/wristlet keeps the tool close at hand or easy to hang


    Use all safety precautions
    Keep out of the reach of children