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P28 Candle Flame Relief-Carving Tool

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P28 Candle Flame Relief-Carving Tool will definitely brighten up lines and edges in your ceramic work. Use the unique, long-oval blade to skim the sides of your design, removing material and bringing your surface work into sharper relief.


  •     15-mm candle-flame-shaped stainless-steel blade
  •     140 mm (5.5-inch) long pencil-type hardwood handle
  •     A must-have for removing material in tight spots
  •     Provides easy depth control for good line work
  •     Works best on hard leather-hard and bone-dry clay
  •     Adjustable blade angle
  •     Wood grain may vary


  •     Carving with sides of blades for shallow undercuts
  •     Perfect for creating fine undercuts
  •     Mishima, sculpting, scraping, and more
  •     Stainless-steel blade never dulls and leaves little to no burrs or debris
  •     Carve faster and deeper while the blade resists breaking and rusting
  •     Sharp blade increases efficiency and reduces fatigue


  •     Not intended for trimming
  •     Use all safety precautions
  •     Keep out of the reach of children