X5 3 mm U Fluting Tool

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Elevate your ceramic artwork with the X5 3 mm U Fluting Tool, offering buttery-smooth lines accompanied by a 3-mm groove at the base of convex sidewalls and U-shaped endpoints. Experience unparalleled precision as this versatile fluting tool seamlessly responds to your hand's pressure, ensuring precise material removal whether you're creating straight or curved lines.


  • Flexible fluting tool with a 3 mm-diameter U at the edge of the tip
  • Designed to create smooth, U-shaped grooves with clean edges
  • At maximum pressure, the blade will not go deeper
  • Hardwood pencil carver; 5.5-inch (140 mm) pencil-type handle
  • Blades are stainless steel and never need sharpening
  • Can carve leather-hard clay
  • Each X-series tool comes with an extra blade
  • Spare blade sets are available for purchase
  • Wood grain may vary


  • Carving deep or shallow
  • Also good for carving luminaries or working with wax, soap, and food
  • Stainless-steel blade never dulls and leaves little to no burrs or debris
  • Carve faster and deeper while the blade resists breaking and rusting
  • Sharp blade increases efficiency and reduces fatigue


  • Not for use on bone-dry clay
  • Use all safety precautions
  • Keep out of the reach of children