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Rohde 28cm x 65-95cm Standing whirler adjustable height

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ROHDE Banding Wheels for Standing Operation are all-purpose tools for professional use in ceramic workshops can be adjusted in height and are very heavy, which gives them an outstanding stability.

The turntable rotates on a ball bearing resulting in a remarkably long and smooth rotation time. It is possible to lock the turntable in any position with a set screw and to adjust its height continuously ensuring ergonomic working.

ROHDE Banding Wheels for Standing Operation can be used for a variety of applications. They facilitate many work processes that require high precision and concentration such as sculpting, carving or decorating of ceramics. Benefit from this robust and durable appliance and enjoy your results.

Special features of banding wheels for standing operation:

  • Solid and stable
  • Continuous height adjustment
  • Turntable can be locked
  • Cast iron leg gives stability
  • Turntable diameter 280mm
  • Height adjustment 650 – 950 mm