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Terra Bella Glazes

Terra Bella Glazes Overview

Terra Bella are a group of very special, reactive glazes designed to be used onto bisque and fired to your regular cone 06 temperature.  The results are magical, beautiful affects, the colours blending together to create an exceptional finish, similar to the look normally only seen on high temperature stoneware firings of 1300 ° C.

Using these glazes you will create pieces that will never be the same.  Depending on the glaze you use, the finishes can be matt or glossy with variations in the colour which will make your projects truly unique.

Take a look at THIS chart for a guide on how these glazes react with each other.

All the Terra Bella range of glazes are non-toxic which means they are not hazardous during application.

The High Gloss glazes can be confidently used on items which are being used as food or drink items.

The Matte/Satin can craze or have surface issues so are not sutiable for liquid containing items or food surfaces.

The Aventurina glazes are not intended for food surfaces, just decorative areas.






1. Mix well
2. Apply 2-3 coats on bisque item
3. Fire to between a cone 08 - 06
4. Clean brushes with water