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Clear Dipping Glaze 1

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Origin: ITALY

Refill size bucket of our fantastic, easy to use, Lead Free Clear Dipping Glaze.
For use on earthenware bisque and fire to cone 06 (998C)

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This glaze is ready to use after thoroughly stirring it.
Water addition is necessary to achieve the original condition of the
glaze: Viscosity cup 19-20 seconds.
Once diluted, glaze must be used in reasonable short time.
This product is suitable for firing in electric kiln.
The firing temperature range from 960° C (1.760° F) to 1.060°C (1.940°
F), recommended temperature 1.000°-1.015° C (1.850 F) or Orton 06.
HST 0004 – D is suitable for the most common ceramic bodies having
a coefficient of thermal expansion of 63 x 10-7 and it is a “China
painting”, gold and lustres compatible.