Studio One 8 sided kiln

KSTUDIO1 Studio 1
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The most popular serious hobby size, perfect for the more serious Pottery Party mobile studio wanting to fire pieces from more than one party at a time, or invaluable in the Contemporary Cafe as the overflow kiln for those extra or rushed items.






Originating as the workhorse which is the backbone of the Hobby Ceramic Studio, this is easily our best selling kiln. The 17½" x 22¼" chamber gives a very useful 3.30 cu. foot capacity.   More important than the volume, is the actual dimensions. This is the shelf size the vast majority of bisque wholesalers sell their items to fit onto; platters, figurines, vases etc.  Wide enough to get small 20cm plates side by side, yet comfortably taking those 40cm wide wedding plates and platters.


With the Sentry 3 controller, (intensively developed by Paragon and the Orton Ceramic Foundation), anyone can fire this relaible kiln easiliy, economically and, with the choice of fast medium or slow firings, safely.  The controller allows you to fire in the early morning hours to get advantageous low-cost tariff rates, the stainless steel and brick lid means goodbye to sagging fibre and rust falling onto your glaze pieces.


All Paragon kilns have elements deeply fitted in dropped, recessed brick grooves, pioneered by Paragon, to protect them from expensive glaze or kiln wash damage. The craftsmanship of the close fitting brickwork joints just shouts quality when compared to other kilns.  Fitted for the European market with lid operated microswitch to cut off the power when a live kiln is opened. 


The kilns are digital-automatic.  Enter a pyrometric cone number and speed to begin firing or develop your own firing profile with up to eight stages. You can use the delay fire feature to suit your firing schedule.  The kiln displays the temperature throughout the firing and cooling.  Vent in two stages with the fall-away Prop-R-Vent. 


An optional fan assisted kiln vent is an extra which can be fitted in minutes, enabling kiln fumes to be ducted up to 60 feet if necessary.


The full-formed steel base strengthens the kiln and completely covers the reversible brick bottom.  Each kiln comes with its own sturdy self-assembly stand, complete with grippy plastic feet, a full furniture kit of shelves and shelf supports, and a detailed instruction and service manual.  The front control box falls away on a hinge and strut system for ease of servicing.


Your Studio 1 kiln will give you many years of reliable service, however for peace of mind you will also get a years warranty on the kiln, 2 years on the computer and you'll get our help and support whenever you need it!  For added piece of mind and continuous use, you may want to add a Studio 1 First Aid Kit when buying this kiln, which includes replacement elements, relays and thermocouple for this model.


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If delivered, the kiln is shipped in a wooden crate on a pallet, to the most accessible point by pump truck to your door. 


Watch a video on how to program a Studio 1 kiln here.  

or maybe watch this comprehensive video showing how to install a new Studio 1 here.

Max temp: 1160°CVolume: 3.30 Cubic Feet (94litres)Depth: 22.25 inches (56.5cm)Opening: 17.5 inches (44.5cm)Outer dimensions: 65cm Wide (Including handles) x 72cm Deep (Front to Back) x 94cm Tall (Including stand)Shipping weight: 111 KGAmperes: 30Phase: 1Watts: 6900Volts: 230

Furniture kit

3 Octagonal 16 inch wide C-16 Shelves
1 Half Octagonal 16 inch wide C-16H 1/2 Shelf
1 inch wide Square Posts, 4 of each - 1/2", 1", 2", 3", 4", 5", 6"
1 Bag Kiln Wash
Fireclay shelves and posts used inside the kiln are called 'furniture'.  Using kiln furniture, you can stack more ware in your kiln than you ever could by placing them on the bottom of the kiln alone. Furniture Kits contain the shelves and posts we recommend for each model.  They have been selected to accommodate a wide variety of work for your particular kiln.

Shelves and posts are also sold separately when required. Shelves up to 15" wide may be fired to cone 10.  Shelves wider than 15" may be fired to cone 8. Shelves may warp at sustained cone 10 temperature, therefore, we do not guarantee shelves against warpage.

Additional Dimensions

A minimum of 12" of additional clearance is required on all sides of kiln during operation.