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Rohde 3PH TE300MCC+

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Origin: Czech
                                3 PHASE This version of the ever popular studio stalwart 300 litre Rohde kiln, supplied to run on 3 phase electric.

Monitor firings remotely - LIVE


Check the status of your firing from anywhere in the world using the Rohde app.  Did you actually start the firing? No need to travel back to the studio... Is the kiln cool enough to unload?.. just get out your phone and take a look.  Log previous firings as well to assess element efficiency as the kiln ages.

Long Term application Temperature 1240C

Although the kiln will get hotter, (up to 1320C) it has been designed for long term and continuous use at temperatures up to 1240C, making it suitable for firing bisque, earthenware, porcelain and even high temperature Stoneware up to Orton cone 6.

Chamber size.

The cavernous 300 litre kiln volume of this toploader can be reduced to 200 litres with the simple removal of the bottom chamber ring, if required.  The kiln would then have a running consumption of 9.2kwh.

Computer Controlled

Advanced, easy to operate computer controls every stage of the firing.  Top spec. Stafford 411 Wifi enabled so you can watch your kiln firing from your smartphone.

Control up to 32 segments in your chosen firing at rates between 1C per hour, up to 999C per hour (full power), then add holding temperatures if you wish to 'soak' your wares.

Delay the start, view energy consumed, change program while firing, and many more features on one of the smartest controllers available today.

Wall mounted component Box


With this model of kiln you have included a sturdy, lockable metal cabinet, giving you easy access to the the contactors, relays and other kiln components. 

Reversible Kiln Stand


The strong metal stand can be turned upside down allowing for two different kiln heights.

Integrated Safety cut-out switch


A door contact switch automatically isolates the heating elements inside the chamber from the power supply when the kiln lid is opened.

High thermal energy efficiency


Extra insulation wraps around the bricks, keeping more heat in the kiln and your energy consumption down.

High Quality Heating Elements


All heating elements made from 'Kathal A1' metal, ensuring the best possible durability and reliability with a reserve capacity calculated into the element to limit any stress.



The kiln can be disassembled easily into several parts for on-site delivery.  Individual parts will fit through doors with a width of 55cm.

3 Year Warranty


Each Rohde kiln is made by hand and kept to strict quality guidelines, therefore each is sold with a reassuring 36 month warranty.

Gas Pressure Spring-Supported Lid hinge


A Sturdy Lid construction is supported by gas pressure springs which allow easy, effortless and safe opening and closing of the kiln lid.

COMPLETE Installation available You supply the 'supply' (!) get the required electric to the site where the kiln is to be located and we can deliver, install, commision, instruct and advise you on the operation of the kiln as well as setting up the smartphone monitoring app.  Ask for quote.

Furniture for kiln available, but not included in the price of the kiln.

Click here to buy shelves:

8 Semi Circular shelves - 67cm wide - 19mm thick.

6 of each prop - 2.5cm - 5cm - 7.5cm and 10cm tall make a good starting pack.



The Ultimate in Efficiency for a busy ceramic studio.

3PHTE300 MCC+ Toploader has a volume of  300 litres and is a 3 phase electric kiln and comes with a 3 year warranty.


Manufactured by the German kiln maker 'Rohde', the MCC+ series of kilns are capable of firing as hot as 1320°C, however for long term use it is suggested to limit long term high temperature firings to around 1240C, which is more than enough for stoneware and porcelain firings.

The size of this chamber makes the TE300 the perfect kiln for a busy ceramic studio firing to earthenware and higher temperatures.  The chamber width is 74cm with a depth of 69cm which will devour the output of a busy studio, making for the most efficient 'per piece' firing possible.


Download instruction manual:

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Max temp: 1320cVolume: 300 litresDepth: 69cmOpening: 74cmOuter dimensions: 100cm wide by 105cm deep x 103cm tall.Shipping weight: 200 kilos KGAmperes: 20Phase: 3Watts: 13800Volts: