Rohde Ecotop 60 litre electric kiln

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Origin: Czech

Rohde Ecotop 60 litre, high temperature 13amp kiln.

Fire to STONEWARE temperatures in a 60 litre, plug in the wall, 13amp kiln  !


The Ecotop 60 is an energy-efficient, 13amp ceramic kiln ideal for pottery enthusiasts and small studios. Designed to reach stoneware temperatures with ease, this top-loading kiln combines advanced technology with user-friendly features, making it perfect for both beginners and experienced potters. Explore the versatility and reliability of the Rohde Ecotop 60, and take your ceramic creations to the next level.

By drastically improving thermal efficiency, Rhode has achieved something that has never been possible.  We are now able to offer a 60 Litre capacity kiln which is comfortable running on a 13amp plug, capable of firing to STONEWARE temperatures.


VERY High thermal energy efficiency


35mm microporous insulating board with special silica and infrared opacifiers are able to hold in MUCH more generated heat.

A lower thermal conductivity by a factor of 10 when compared with the conductivity of chamber bricks.



At least 30% MORE EFFICIENT..!


A reduction of heat loss of equivalent (previously already very efficient former Rohde Ecotop60) kiln model by at least 30 percent!!!

Significantly lower energy consumption due to new thermal insulation properties.



Monitor firings remotely - LIVE

Check the status of your firing from anywhere in the world using the Rohde app.  Did you actually start the firing? No need to travel back to the studio... Is the kiln cool enough to unload?.. just get out your phone and take a look.  Log previous firings as well to assess element efficiency as the kiln ages.




Long Term application Temperature 1260C

Maximum achievable temperature 1300C, however it is designed for long term and continuous use at temperatures up to 1260C, making it suitable for firing bisque, earthenware, porcelain and even high temperature Stoneware up to Orton cone 7.



Gas Pressure Spring-Supported Lid hinge

A Sturdy Lid construction is supported by gas pressure springs which allow easy, effortless and safe opening and closing of the kiln lid.



Computer Controlled

Advanced, easy to operate computer controls every stage of the firing.  Top spec. Stafford 411 controller.  Watch your kiln fire from your smartphone with the Wifi enabled computer and Rohde app.  Controller includes an over-temperature cutout, stopping the firing if it gets to hot.



Reversible Kiln Stand

The strong metal stand can be turned upside down allowing for two different kiln heights.



Integrated Safety cut-out switch

A door contact switch automatically isolates the heating elements inside the chamber from the power supply when the kiln lid is opened.



High Quality Heating Elements

All heating elements made from 'Kathal A1' metal, ensuring the best possible durability and reliability with a reserve capacity calculated into the element to limit any stress.



S Type Thermocouple

s type thermocouple

Hard wearing, high temperature, long lasting 'S' type thermocouple fitted as standard.



3 Year Warranty

Each Rohde kiln is made by hand and kept to strict quality guidelines, therefore each is sold with a reassuring 36 month warranty.



13amp UK plug

Supplied with a standard UK 13amp plug.



Rohde Ecotop 60 litre electric kiln

This is the most energy efficient hobby kilns we have ever sold, at least 30% more efficient than it's respectfully efficient counterpart.

Using a microporous insulation material outside the kiln chamber we are able to contain much more of the heat generated.  This will mean significantly lower energy consumption on each firing when compared with previous models.

Rohde Ecotop 60 Toploader has a volume of 60 litres and is a kiln manufactured by German kiln maker 'Rohde' and comes with a 3 year warranty.

The Ecotop series kilns are able to fire as hot as 1300°C, however for long term use on this amperage supply it is suggested to limit long term high temperature firings to around 1260C, which is more than enough for stoneware and porcelain firings.  With the special thermal insulation in used in this kiln, high temperature firings will have less impact on the kiln, allowing it to get to those higher temperatures with ease.

This kiln has an exterior measurement for the chamber of 61cm tall by 63cm wide, however including the metal control box the width is 77cm.  The height of the kiln is 92cm when on the tall side of the stand and when flipped over to the short side of the stand the height will be 81cm tall.

The stand has 2 wheels on the rear which you cannot see in the photos, allowing you to easily move around your studio.



Special features of the Rohde Ecotop 60:

  • Micro-porous 35mm insulation outside chamber
  • Highest possible energy efficiency
  • Robust lightweight firebricks
  • Optimised heat distribution due to special floor insulation
  • Reversible kiln stand, handy and practical
  • Pressure spring-supported opening mechanism for the lid
  • Power control effected by silent, low-wear solid-state relays with an external cooling element
  • Wifi enabled controller
  • Runs safely to stoneware temperatures on a 13amp plug
  • Long warranty
  • Brushed Stainless Steel casing - less susceptible to dirt


Kiln Shelves and Props included.



Download instruction manual:

Download controller manual:

Max temp: 1300CVolume: 60 LitresDepth: 45.6cmOpening: 40cmOuter dimensions: Chamber 61cm tall by 63cm wideShipping weight: 100 KGAmperes: 13Phase: 1Watts: 2900Volts: 230