Silkscreens Overview


Mayco Designer Silk Screens are designed and manufactured by Mayco.  Each design has incredibly fine detail, providing exiting design opportunities not achievable using other decorating processes.

How to use silkscreens:

Perfect for use on a variety of ceramic surfaces such as greenware, clay, earthenware bisque, stoneware bisque or even glass. They can also be used on non-ceramic or glass surfaces, such as fabric, wood, paper, etc.

Each screen size measures 32cmH x 45cm long, with the actual printed area measuring 29cmH x 38cm long.  The screen is laid out with planned gutters to allow for folding without affecting any of the designs.  The exceptions are the stripes and chevrons. Each screens is lightly folded and the crease does not impact design reproduction. The designs are approximately 7.5cm to 10cm at their widest or longest dimension.


Safety Data Sheet