White Earthenware Clay 25kg

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Origin: ITALY

White earthenware clay designed to be fired to Cone05 (1031C over 8hours), then glazed and fired just like the rest of our earthenware bisque to Cone 06 (998C).  Ideal clay for use when throwing, handbuilding, kids projects, etc.  Works perfectly with the Mayco Stroke & Coat colours and the Colorobbia clear glaze.  Try applying the Stoke & Coat onto the wet clay, for a convenient and quick project!

Recommended Firing Schedule for a bisque Cone 05:
Segment 1- 180C per hour until you get to 550C,
Segment 2- 85C per hour until you reach 600C,
Segment 3- 100C per hour until you reach 971C,
Segment 4- 60C per hour until you reach 1031C.
Then allow to cool for approx 8hours, or until you can unload the kiln by hand.


White earthenware clay

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